Linking Process to Aadhar Card with Bank Account Online

You can Connect Aadhar Card with any Bank account online through The respective Bank’s portal site or offline by either using bank ATM or visiting the Bank branch or by sending SMS if your mobile registered with your account into a format that is specific to a number card. All of Government welfare benefits are now transferred directly to your account. To avail DBT (direct benefits of transfer),  Aadhar Card connection into Bank Account is needed.

With each passing day, India’s government is trying to focusing Increasingly more on connecting through Aadhaar Card. This card significance is rising. In recent government policy, the authorities made for filling income taxation Aadhaar Card compulsory. By making it compulsory for people the authorities also plugged. Lately the authorities also ask everybody to upgrade their own Aadhaar card number in their associated bank account (SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda, OBC, HDFC, ICICI and several more). Now a days it is mandatory for opening account. For upgrading Aadhaar Card Number on the bank accounts the procedure is similar to all banks. This article gives bigger picture the Way to Connect with Aadhaar Card into Bank Account via Offline and Online Medium. In case you haven’t connected your bank accounts and your Aadhaar Card, follow the actions mentioned below and get it done whenever possible.

Connect the Aadhaar Card into Bank Account via Online

  •  Login in your bank accounts, if you want to connect aadhar with bank account online. You can also use aadhar ekyc application system. 
  • Now click on Update Aadhaar Card Details or Aadhaar Card Seeding. The majority of the banking portals have the links.
  • A webpage will open after clicking on the link and the page is your Aadhaar details. Enter all of the information. Confirm them when after entering all of of the details and make the details are correct.
  • Click on Submit button and they will send you an OTP for it. Confirm and confirm your OTP when the OTP is got.  A request ID will be created. 
  • The bank officials upgrade the Aadhaar Number on your accounts and will confirm your Aadhaar. The updates will be received by you in regards to the same via an email along with a text message.

Connect the Aadhaar Card via Offline Medium

  • If your are unable to do internet banking  or if you prefer the offline process to upgrade your Aadhaar card, the Actions mentioned below
  • Walk in the nearest branch of your own bank and get a service request application form to join the Aadhaar card.
  • Fill in the shape when you’ve got the form. You’d need entering title, telephone number, your number, Aadhaar number and details from the shape. Confirm the details, after completing the form.
  • Now, attach of this Aadhaar Card and submit the form. You will need to take the copy of your Aadhaar card since you might be asked by the lender official for same.
  • When all the things are right then you should submit the application to branch manager which will verify your status of aadhar and after that accept application as per that.